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Pearls of Non-Wisdom: An Email *Explaining* a previous Email - *Adds Confusion*

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

In an ideal world, people understand each other. In the real world - they don't.

Fire Lanterns in Flight - Like Emails out of Control
Like emails out of control...


The other day, I had a conversation at work, about some test I wanted to perform.

We agreed I'd send a brief email explaining our conclusion.

She shared the email with some other stake holders.

Someone replied and involving someone else.

This person had concerns.

We opened our own email thread.

I wrote an email, offering details, and explain why there was no need for concern.

Now that really got them concerned.

The next email explained to me, in details why they are concerned.

My next email... (and you got the point, right?)

Every "Let me just clarify" email just added to the confusion.


Which led me to my Pearl-of-Non-Wisdom:

An Email Explaining a previous Email - Adds Confusion

Email can be good. But when it's not - every "improving" email usually adds to the confusion.

Now it's time for the doomsday weapon - talk!

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