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December 4th, 2014: Big Day! First "live" test of the New Wix Blog! [2 of 2]

(Continued from Yesterday)

Also, scheduled some pre-cooked posts to be auto-published tomorrow (Friday the 5th of December - and in second thought - also the first post will be pre-scheduled for Tuesay the 9th of December, and the second part for Wednesday the 4th.)

Changed some cover photos, add images to posts - resized and dragged, changed a published post - to Draft - and the Scheduled it - all-in-all, very working.

Some frustration on encountering bugs, and not getting some functionality to work - not to mentnio that all ofo a sudden users started encountering some issues with their live sites - thought the feature was only open to Wix users... so the test was/is closed...

What does that mean for my scheduled posts?

Time will tell...

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