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December 4th, 2014: Big Day! First "live" test of the New Wix Blog! [1 of 2]

So, today, I finally got a chance to really play with the Wix Blog.

I started by playing around with back-tagging (going back and tagging old post) - joy!

Add new tags, select multiple posts, tag them, add new tags along the way - over all - lots of fun!

Also, started adding images, and updting old posts with images.

And, since we have auto-save in the post editor - I'm simply typing it directly in - no longer using an external tool.

(The one draw back is - I don't know how many words I've written...)

* Quick test showed I'm past 100 words. So closing this post, moving on to a second one.

But here's an image of the Blog Manager:

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