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A variation of the Pascal wager, Version 2 - Good *will* Prevail

Statue Pascal - Clermont-Ferrand - Jean-Baptiste Claude Eugene Guillaume - Hamelin de Guettelet
Statue Pascal - Clermont-Ferrand - by Jean-Baptiste Claude Eugene Guillaume - photo by Hamelin de Guettelet

A while ago I wrote a post describing a variation of the Pascal Wager (link) and I find myself with another variation, less than two years later.

(If you need context on the Pascal Wager, and/or Blaise Pascal, and/or my variation, please open the link above.

In my oversimplified nutshell summary, the Pascal Wager refers to a case were between a number of options, you choose one, not because you know it is better or more accurate, but because you believe it is overall better for you to choose it...)

This variation has to do with the "war" between Good and Evil.

In the past 265 days, since October 7th, 2023, we've been exposed more and more account of the heights of Evil demonstrated by the Hamas fanatic terrorists.

These high levels of Evil are challenged only by the high levels of ignorance and stupidity demonstrated by people in the "civilized" world, who try and show a post-modern all-inclusive and all-understanding and highly-empathic approach toward the "poor Hamas people".

And when you see the world going so crazy, you may wonder - will Good prevail?

Does Good stand a chance against such combination of Evil, Stupidity and Ignorance?

I believe Good will prevail.

I believe that we're here to make a positive difference, make a lasting impact, of making the world better than we found it.

I believe to do so we must start with making ourselves better, and by that start a butterfly ripple effect through the world around us, with the good we do compounding itself - and overall improving the world.

I believe this power is stronger than any Evil.

But that is not the reason I believe Good will prevail.

I believe that believing good will prevail has an immediate positive impact on the quality of my life on a day-to-day basis, and on my energy to try and improve and be better.

The alternative, of not believing good will prevail, weakens me, my energies, and my ability to be positive and have a positive impact.

Believing good will prevail has an immediate positive impact... on my energy to try and improve and be better.

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